Women In The Medical Field: A Case Study

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Imagine a little child who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up; admiring adults who went to work everyday who loved their job. Now, fast forward about ten years later, the child is now a senior in high school, about to graduate and go off to college. Their passion for this specific job is still the same as it was when they were younger. Now the time has come when college is over and they have been hired for the job that they have dreamed of having for so many years. The day has finally arrived where they are able to start their first day at their dream job. They go in, and it is nothing like what they expected it to be. They are not treated as some of your colleagues are. Months and years pass, and treatment hasn’t changed.…show more content…
Occupations in the medical field are expected to continue growing as they have been for the past couple of decades, and the amount of female involvement still remains strong (Branin). Recent studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 73% of managers in the medical field are female, but only 4% of chief executive officers (CEOs) are female. That being said, over ¾ of hospital employee jobs are obtained by women and only 4% are holding high CEO positions. According to an anonymous female healthcare professional, “Gender roles continue to exist in the workplace… upper management is male dominated, making difficult to form a strong connection.” (Chase). Until both men and women are looked at equally in the workplace, they will never be equal in pay, or obtaining higher positions. Discrimination is still shown in widely in in medical field, and Jennifer Stewart, the Advisory Board managing director who oversees human resources (HR) advancement and Nursing Executive Research, says, “It’s an issue [gender roles]... Gender equality is getting closer, but it’s still a goal…” (Diamond). Women are just as qualified, if not more qualified in some cases, than men in healthcare and are still receiving the lower end of the…show more content…
Women have certain qualities that only they can bring to the field, and they are still at the lower positions, and being paid less. A study done by the Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA) showed that females who graduated from some of the top ranked medical schools in the nation earned a salary that was a whooping $20,000 less than males (Louis). According to Dr. Anupam Jena from Harvard Medical School, “In the worst cases, the pay gap exists because of clear discrimination by the department chairs in the salary settings.” Many people argue and say that higher education increases pay, and if females want to be paid the same they must acquire the same degrees as the males do. The fact that higher education increases pay is true, but it still does not close the huge pay gap between men and women. In many cases women are more qualified than men and still don’t get the opportunities that they do (Miller). Studies have shown that women have also been denied major funding for organizations and projects that would help them succeed and move up to higher ranks. According to the venture funded digital health database by Rocket-health, in 2014 zero organizations with female CEO’s got the requested $2M in venture funding, and in 2015 only 3 organizations with female CEO’s got the requested $2M in venture funding
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