Women In The Middle East: A Cultural Analysis

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Growing up I saw two kinds of women in my life: those who were housewives and those who were waiting to become housewives. It was not something that was forced; however, it was not contested either. Women in my world see getting married and having children as an accomplishment. If you have achieved these pillars, then you can say you have succeeded. In my culture, it is a man’s job to be the breadwinner and the woman's job to rear the children. I did not see anything wrong with this, until I understood the culture that I came from. If women had made this choice because it was what they wanted then there would nothing wrong with that choice, but it was a cultural obligation for these women not a choice. Throughout the Middle East …show more content…

My parents support my desire for a higher education and a career worthy of praise, but it is still my dream that is threatened if I accept the norms of my culture. The fact that my parents immigrated to the United States at a young age gave me the opportunity to be more than someone's wife. It is also an opportunity that many women will not have. If my parents were shaped solely by the patriarchal society in the Middle East, I would be following in the footsteps of my mother and aunts. The norms of my culture are still relevant; however, they are not going to be a determining factor in my life choices. I will not become a victim because of a society stuck in a stagnant world. I have come to learn that unless women in my position fight for their place in society, they will not get it. The choices I make will come with consequences. Moreover, I realize that not all of my endeavors will be successful, yet I choose to pursue the things I am passionate about, because I believe that empowerment is the first step to …show more content…

Although the law does not change the people within a society, it does pave a path for that change. For example, desegregation did not mean that all people were accepting of African Americans, but it did give activists the ability to fight back through legal ramifications. In Middle East, the oppression of women is not something that is renounced by governments. However, if oppression is fought through legal channels the authority that it possesses would be undermined. I love the law because it can create a space for conversation and change. I understand that social change cannot occur with the strike of a pen, or even with a single protest, but I will not accept something that is not right. I will not silence the truths many need to hear because it may offend a person or challenges the norms of a society. I am an idealistic person because it means that I have hope for a better future. You see, if people were not idealistic then there would not be anything to fight for. As a society, we want to see peace on earth, but it is not something that has ever been achieved. It is the idealistic people in society that keep the idea of peace alive. If I can do anything in my life it would be this: I want to bring a positive change in a world that holds people down because of who they

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