Women In Trifles

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The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell shows how underappreciated women are and how they are confined to their homes and household chores. The two women in Trifles are Mrs. Peters, the sheriff's wife, and Mrs. Hale, the farmer’s wife. These two female characters have different views on the men and their actions at the beginning of the play, but as time passes by they start to realize their own strength and how they can do anything that their husbands can do. Both Mr. Peters and Mr. Hale treat the women as if they are useless in what they think are more “manly” things, like a crime scene or the investigation of a murder. They have the mindset that “real work” is something carried out by men and all the concerns of women are trifles or something…show more content…
Wright were trapped and she couldn’t take being mistreated anymore, and that is why she did what she did. Mr. Wright was very “protective” of his wife in a sense because he didn’t let her do many simple things like going outside and socializing, but really it was just that he treated her like an object instead of a person that he loved and truly cared about. During this time and sometimes even now, in the 21 century, men see women as a joke, and they treat them with disrespect because they aren’t considered valuable in this society. In Trifles, I feel like all the female characters have formed a connection because they all share the same experience of being treated with lesser value than a man. Although she does not appear throughout the play, Mrs. Wright is what connects Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale because she represents all women that have been mistreated by men and how eventually they get tired of coming in second place to a man. This implies to human nature because this is the mindset that most people used to have during that time period and right now is when women are taking a stand and speaking up for themselves. Men have always been superior to women because we live in a male dominated society and because of this, nobody listens to what a woman has to say. In general, I think that this play has described very well how men, or even women, can say something or do something that can negatively impact someone enough to murder them or do other types of
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