Women Inequalities

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Kelvin Sims Prof Barton Soc 121 11-28-12 Gender Inequality The U.S. Constitution underlies the two important principles of freedom and equality among all the citizens of our nation. There is no question that it took decades of fighting, court hearings, and social movements for this country to achieve the level of freedom and equality in which we have today. However, there is still major gender inequality that is occurring in our very own nation. It sounds crazy that gender inequality occurs in America this day in age, it often gets overlooked and ignored even though we have women activist groups and clear statistics to prove, that the inequality of women is still a major issue in this country. The question at hand is why and how…show more content…
Speaking of industries such as science and engineering, women are outnumbered by an astronomical 73% to 23% male to female workforce. In a case like this a functionalist may argue that the gap is due to women and male specializing in different aspects of work. The fields of science and engineering may not attract many women to that sector of the workforce which may explain such a large gap. However, the gap in managerial positions and higher status jobs still reflects the inequality women are facing in the workforce. The most obvious case of inequality of women that occurs in America is the inequality of women in the government. Even though this is one of the highest fields in the country, it seems to get overshadowed for some reason by the other inequalities. Everyone knows that the U.S. has yet to have a female president – and only one African American - even though we’ve been electing presidents for roughly 250 years. Women didn’t play a role in government for a long period of time. It wasn’t until April 18, 1920, when women were first granted the right to vote in America. It took decades of social movements, rallies, and women’s civil rights activists to get the 19th amendment passed and ratified into the constitution. In our government today there are women present, in minute proportions. In Congress today,
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