Women Involved With Intimate Partner Violence

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Literature Review Articles found in the review of literature discussed various screening tools and methods that can be used to successfully identify women involved in intimate partner violence. Journals typically reporting on this topic were all known to be scholarly journals such as Journal of Perinatology, European Journal of Public Health, European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Nordic Federation of Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal Child Health Journal and Journal of Clinical Nursing. Seven studies were found that investigated the prevalence of IPV in women during pregnancy using the Abuse Assessment Screen in various countries during different stages of pregnancy (Bunn et al., 2009; Hellmuth, Gordon, Stuart, & Moore, 2013; Keeling & Mason, 2011; Lutgendorf, Thagard, Rockswold, Busch, & Magann, 2012; Massumi Okada, Komura Hoga, Vilela Borges, Sartori, & Aparecida Belli, 2015; Roelens, Verstraelen, Van Egmond, & Temmerman, 2008). In two of the studies, the population studied were pregnant women in the first trimester and postpartum (Hellmuth et al., 2013; Keeling & Mason, 2011). The next study only looked at women who were postpartum (Massumi Okada et al., 2015). Another study studied women in their third trimester (Velasco, Luna, Martin, Caño, & Martin-de-Las-Heras, 2014). Three studies looked at pregnant women across all trimesters (Hammoury & Khawaja, 2007; Lutgendorf et al., 2012; Roelens et al., 2008). The final two
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