Women Is A Man 's World

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Believe it or not, this is still a man’s world… Since the 20th century, women have come a long way, gaining the right to vote and to have an education. Since then, women have continuously been challenging traditional stereotypes and showing that they are just as good as men. However, even after these feminist movements, gender inequality still exists all around the globe as a major issue in our world today. This is especially true for Australia, as there are many people who continuously expect less of women because they have stereotypical views stating that women are not as capable men. In the past, people’s expectation of an ideal family was one in which the male has a job and earns money for the family, whereas the woman is simple a housewife. Unfortunately, these cliché views are still believed by some people today. These traditional views also include how a male and female should behave. Women are supposed to be caring and nurturing, whereas men are supposed to be independent, strong and confident. How is this fair? Why is it deemed wrong if a woman is more outspoken or confident than a male? These are the sorts of stereotypes that should be challenged. Subconsciously, these stereotypes start right from the moment we are born. If a girl is born to a family, she is dressed in pink, but if a boy is born, he is dressed in blue. This shows that already from such a young age, parents are differentiating between their sons and their daughters. Parents also have different
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