Essay on Women Leaving Work

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Why do women leave careers after having invested heavily in developing the skills that would help them succeed in their career? Some research suggests that "many women do not freely choose to leave the workplace, but instead are pushed out by persistent workplace barriers such as limited workplace flexibility, unaffordable childcare, and negative stereotypes about working mothers" ( I found an interesting report prepared by Choose 2 Lead Women’s Foundation for the Department of Labor listing the following reasons for why women are leaving the workforce: * These women are not monolithic, but can be…show more content…
Some women believe technology facilitates their success, while others feel as if they are “on the clock” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. * Senior women interviewed sometimes feel overwhelmed by the hectic schedules they keep to fulfill their job responsibilities. Several would be willing to reduce their responsibilities and compensation. * Several successful women reported that their attachment to the paid workforce was influenced in part by the degree of support they received, such as a spouse that truly helped significantly at home, employer acknowledgement of work/family responsibilities, and supportive, quality childcare Sharmila Rudrappa from the University of Texas' Center for Women's and Gender studies says, "The top three reasons (women leave work) all had to do with life stages. Listed below: * Personal/ family obligations (79%) * Excessive work hours that hindered their abilities to meet familial * obligations (73%) * Personal choice to stay home to be a wife, or mother (67%) * Inadequate salary compensations (46%) * Forced choice to stay at home to be wife/ mother (38%) * American women, by far, listed excessive work hours as the reason for leaving (81%, versus 63% and 71% for Asian and European women; 55% of the Latin American
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