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Pam Houston's "How to Talk to a Hunter" Raymond Carver's "What We Talk about When We Talk about Love" Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Love Is Not Al," If you ask a woman want they want from a man, most women will provide a list of qualities that have been drilled in their heads since they were little girls. The perfect lifestyle has three things that have to be added together in order to come out with the correct equation. Money, kids, and most of all a wonderful man to provide these things are what women want most in life. One of the most known sayings today is that women go to college to get their MRS degree. The confusing issue to men is that once they find their perfect mate, they are already searching for someone else. What women…show more content…
Frances is another female character who wants her husband to love her, but also seems to want him more the less he wants her. "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses," by Irwin Shaw presents a couple who seems to have a lifestyle that many women want. At the beginning of the story, everything seems picture perfect. Frances decides to plan a "Sunday in New York for a young couple with money to throw away." The couple soon begins to bicker and Frances becomes jealous when she notices Michael looking at other girls. Michael makes Frances feel uncomfortable and undesirable, but instead of just telling her how she feels, Frances starts inquiring about things that every woman asks, but that no woman really wants to know. The uneasy feeling Frances feels is not only about Michael looking at other girls, but about the insecurity and inferiority she feels around other women. Frances begins to ask questions that she knows the answers to. For example, she asks Michael if he loves her and when he responds with "I love you," she is not satisfied. Most men would wonder what should have been said to make Frances happy, but the problem is that no matter what the response, no answer would have been satisfying. The lesson to learn is that women are never satisfied with what
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