Women Need Feminism? If So, What Kind?

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uslim women need feminism? If so, what kind? In this essay I will be arguing whether Muslim Women need feminism, and if so, what kind? The term feminism is a set of beliefs that recognises the distinction between males and females. Feminism is largely concerned with the idea that females are subordinated or disadvantaged in a system where males are dominated and advantaged. The term Muslim is derived by Islam, which is a belief and practice, and it indicates safety and peace. The different perspective between the western and eastern women, have led the west to create an idea that Muslim women need feminism. As the rights of women in the Middle East have systematically been denied. Many governments control and restrict the civil society.…show more content…
It argues that the legal and social inequality, has caused a double standards. As women in Muslim countries witness unequal laws and unequal applications. Women have fewer say and rights in marriage, divorce and even property. For instance, in Lebanon, access to divorce for men is easy whilst access to divorce for a women is very difficult, as battered women cannot report for divorce, in accords to the abuse without an eyewitness, also a medical certificate from a doctor for her physical abuse is not enough. However, this has changed over the years, as women in Egypt can divorce without a cause. But in order for the women to divorce, she will have to agree with procedures. For example, they must agree to “not only to renounce all rights to the couple’s finances, but must also repay their dowries.” This means any women seeking to divorce, needs to buy their freedom. As a result of this, Muslim women needs feminism, a kind of feminism that fits into the Middle East culture and values, also that makes laws fairer. If fairer laws were put into practice, this would reduce the numbers of females at the age of 16 that are forced into marriages. For many girls marriage is the only available option, as in many Muslim countries they are restricted from education, politics and economy. This as a whole affects women, in terms of participating in society, not being able to work, and even not allowing independent women to exist. As a result of women not being able to financial
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