Women Of Aspasia Of Miletus

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Aspasia of Miletus, born during the 5th century BC, was renown for her outspoken ways and for being the mistress of the statesman Pericles. The expectations of women throughout that century, such as staying at home and serving their spouse, were adhered to by many. However, she defied these expectations which thus resulted in gaining large controversy, yet respect from Athenian citizens. Aspasia's intellect resulted in a minority of Athenian citizens holding her in high esteem. It is said that "some Athenian men even brought their wives to her in hopes that they would gain some insight and intellect from her words." Whilst Aspasia was revered as one of the most influential women of Ancient Greece, especially during the 5th century BC, there were many women who were left ignored due to their supposed lack of influence. These include women such as Gorgo of Sparta; the mistress of the Spartan king named Leonidas, Sappho of Lesbos; a renown lyrical poet, Telesilla of Argos; a poet, and multiple others.

Prior to her courtship with Pericles, Aspasia's influence had already transcended to a minority of the population due to her position as a hetaera. She was an Athenian immigrant and her life before she traveled to Athens is still being debated today. Several sources have suggested that Aspasia arrived along with her older sister who later married Alcibiades, a man ostracised from Athens . During her time in Athens, Aspasia was a hetaera—women who were hired as male
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