Women Of Black Sexuality And How The Focus Has Been On Women 's Sexuality

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In the reading, it talks about how white people feared black sexuality and how the focus has been on women 's sexuality. Black women were often victimized as slaves and slavery was defined as such. During slavery African American women we notorious for being pregnant and always bearing children. They beared those children because the whites anticipated more slave workers and even being sold to others. During slavery the slave owners maintained wealth and good “breeder women”. Some children were as young as 6 and 7 years old, working in the fields with their parents. Those children often saw their parent get beat with whips and chains and the behavior was soon turned to them as they got older.
These same women were often used for prostitution and sold to the highest bidder. I couldn’t image the life these women endured; these women were strong and brave and still stood strong while being humiliated by whites. Luckily white women didn’t have to deal with this type of harassment and disrespect. They were living the life, while black women were standing in a line with their heads hung low, awaiting someone to give them orders, yell and scream at them. African American women had it bad and even today they still struggle with being disrespected and belittled.
It is very unfortunate that African Americans had to endure with such turmoil and hatred. If I were born back then, I 'm not sure that I’d be here today. I could never be as strong as they were. To take orders…
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