Women Of Color Have A Higher Chance Of Contracting Hiv

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Feminism in HIV Preventions
Women of color have a higher chance of contracting HIV than any other women in society. This is something that could be avoided if sexual ignorance in a heteronormative relationship was dispelled. As this ignorance is broken down, women of color can achieve more power in the relationship, sexual freedom, and sexual satisfaction.
Throughout the ages, women have had a paradoxical view lain upon them by many. They are put on a pedestal as these saintly glorious beings, but at the same time they are looked down on for being temptresses that bring anger and scorn into the hearts of many. Women have been labeled as the one with less power in work, their homes, even in their relationships specifically women of color. In retrospect women of color are taught that men will always come first, “that men play dominant roles and women are passive, and men are superior to women” (Zavella et al, 227). As little girls they are told that they have to look a certain way or no boy will like them, they have to act a certain way in order to attract the attention of the male gender. This reduces a woman’s sexual control (Raj et al, 3) in an active heterosexual relationship, but as time progresses and feminism resurfacing in society, women of color are starting to become more confident, and self-reliant. They are starting to decide on the path their relationships go, willing to give equal power to their male partner in order to be on equal standing, unlike their…

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