Women Of Color In The West

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In 1984 Barbara Smith spoke of a Third World feminist movement: “And not only am I talking about my sisters here in the United States-American Indian, Latina, Asian American, Arab American-I am also talking about women all over the globe. . . Third World feminism has enriched not just the women it applies to, but also political practice in general.” (Smith 1984: 27) The struggle of many women in the Unites States and around the world is a product of the long legacy of colonization of the land, the people, and the history of people around the world by western, Christian, white men. This legacy has produced a fetishized image of the women of color in the U.S., as well as, in third world countries. This fetishization led to the creation of false…show more content…
And with that, the hostile interaction will continue to exist between the two camps. In addition, this form of hostile and colonial relationship is forcing women in the “east” to dedicate time, intellectual product, and energy towards defending their society, tradition, faith, and underneath all that, their right to exist as people with history, culture, and…show more content…
Abu Lugod argued that in order to move past this separation, we must: “First, we need to work against the reductive interpretation of veiling as the quintessential sign of women's unfreedom. Second, we must take care not to reduce the diverse situations and attitudes of millions of Muslim women to a single item of clothing.” (2002:786). As a result, creating a better understanding and better terminology of the “east” will allow feminists in these different social locations to communicate and to create a better strategy to move beyond the basic and into the complicated nature of feminism around the world. I will also argue that the first step to achieving this transition happens in the classroom. It happens through dedicating a time and space for emerging scholars to have these conversations and to develop a better understanding of the “other.” If a dialogue is not developed in these settings, then we cannot hope to move beyond these
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