Women Of The Aboriginal Canadian Women

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Aids is a disease that is increasing rapidly. Even though there is more efficient technology today

than there was before, we still find it difficult to prevent the disease and yet have a large amount of infected people. Women are more prone to the disease than men, let alone the

Aboriginal Canadian women. There’s a dramatic increase in HIV and AIDS rates among

Aboriginal people in Canada. Although HIV indeterminately affects all individuals no matter

age, gender, or race. In Canada women and even more specifically Aboriginal women, are more

vulnerable in contracting HIV.

Definition Of The Problem

“Aids is a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body 's cellular immunity, greatly

lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy”. As HIV disease progresses in your body,

you may notice physical changes. Some changes may occur as side-effects of medical treatment

for HIV. Others may occur as a result of the intense impact that HIV (or AIDS) has on your body.

There’s a large increase of AIDS in Aboriginal families in Canada.

Causes of AIDS

There are multiple reasons as to why women are more vulnerable to be infected with AIDS

over men. Aboriginal aids activists in Canada claim that they are trying to lower the high rate

of HIV infections among Aboriginals, considering infection rate is as high as 3.8% of Canada’s

population. The HIV infection rate for Aboriginal women in Canada grew 3.6 times higher than

the rate for other…
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