Women Of The Criminal Justice System

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The Elizabeth Fry society in an organization created to work with women in each stage of the criminal justice process. The three stages referred to within this organization are women who are at risk, are involved in the criminal justice system, and recovery and transition from institutions, to effectively reintegrate back into society (Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver, 2012). The organization was established by Elizabeth Fry, 1839, who was deemed a significant advocate for humane treatment of women, specializing in women and children regarding treatment within the criminal justice system (Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society, 2013). Furthermore, this individual’s insight, and persistence in asserting a role as an…show more content…
The Elizabeth Fry Societies second guiding principle focuses on women’s rights specifically, to ensure they are not violated. Some of the rights the Society tries to protect, includes the right of access to equal opportunities and programs in the justice system; as well as the right to justice without feeling judged or discriminated against because of factors like their sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and freedom of conscience, social or economic condition (Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society, 2013). The last guiding principles that members of the Society follow, is the attempt to reduce criminalization of women (Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society, 2013). This being to find alternatives to incarceration and to promote rehabilitation and community sentencing. This principle is in attempt to facilitate reintegration into the community after serving the time of their offence, and encompasses the fight for human rights and substantive equality (Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society, 2013).
Goals of the Elizabeth Fry Society Incorporated within the Elizabeth Fry Society are various goals the organization strives to achieve. The organization strives to increase public awareness, of not only the issues affecting women in society, but to promote that the organization exists, and is available to assist women, children, and families who are in need (Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society, 2013). In addition, the
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