Women Of The Katungulu Bible Training School

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CONTEXT (MOTIVATION): The purpose of this project is to help the women of the Katungulu Bible Training School (“KBTS”) develop basic entrepreneurial skills and gain a sense of empowerment. Women come to KBTS with their husbands, who are training to become pastors with the African Inland Church-Tanzania (“AICT”). While much emphasis is placed on teaching women to serve as a pastor’s wife, women are not often given the opportunity to make a name for themselves and are relegated to a subservient role. This project will build on the work that McMaster Scholars, Genelle Castro and Alicia Kalik, began in 2015. During the 2015 KBTS Women’s Conference, attendees expressed a desire to have additional training on business and self-empowerment. The…show more content…
When a business is successful it is able to provide a sustainable income. By having two incomes, the family can better financially support their children, along with their other financial obligations. School will be more affordable for children, and they can see what accomplishments their parents have achieved. Children will gain more responsibilities at home, and help them learn new skills along the way (Sagalla & Carney, 2012). Through all of the obstacles that women have faced struggling for the right to have a career, it can be empowering to have a career. Women did not give up, and knew that they had what it took to support a family, as well as themselves. Because it was a challenge, women started working harder for what they wanted, and helped them become better business women. Their confidence rose, and having more opportunities gave them a purpose (Dina, 2012). METHODOLOGY: My project consisted of conducting a one-day women’s conference. The first part of the session will cover empowerment. I have created posters and activities that cover the basic tenets of empowerment. The purpose of this section is to get women to find their strengths and see what they can accomplish for themselves. The next section covered entrepreneurship. In that session attendees were broken into groups in order to observe how well they interact with each other to form a business. Each group developed a business and a product that they would
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