Women Of The North Korean Films

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Another interesting observation was the projected image of women in North Korean films as well. In the films where there is a female lead, A Traffic Controller on Crossroads, Order No. 27 and A Broad Bellflower, there are surprisingly given are very much given a position of influence, diligence, and authority on a small scale. According to Suk-Young Kim, she emphasizes the this when she states, “To extol the values of a female workforce, visual media promoted the image of working women in all spheres, but most notably, military women were the crux of glorifying female labor force in North Korea.” (243). This is highly represented in A Traffic Controller on Crossroads, where the main character is wearing a uniform for a majority of the film and diligently does her job. There are also images of uniformed women in Order No. 27 as well, which shows them as skilled fighters, even when facing against multiple male opponents. In a way, the uniform is a means for the female characters to step up into the economic and social ranks, in addition as a way to show a sense of gender equality to an extent. However, though the uniforms are militarized they still emphasize the feminine shape in order to till show the difference between men and women in a public and social setting (Kim, 242). While in the film, A Broad Bellflower, it doesn’t show militarized women, it does shows working women, and is strongly reinforced by a beautiful lead female character that shows off her dedication to
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