Women Of The United States

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Unlike the past, the social status of women is a lot improved. So, many female leaders are taking an active part in many fields. However, it is hard to find female leaders in top position. From the past, male dominated almost all of high social and official position in the world. Kings, presidents and many people who were in the high social hierarchy were predominately male, except some queens in U.K. Female has been playing a supporting role or was a second-class citizen. Females are still underrepresented in many field. The United States is a world leading county in many ways, such as politics, culture and economy. However, male-dominant culture still exists and very few women are in a status of leader. Compared to this, South Korea recently has their first female president. South Korea has a longer history than the United States, but the development in politics, culture and economy are lagged far behind. However South Korea elected their first female president ahead of the United States. Even though President Park, the president of South Korea, is a daughter of the former and most respected president. It is a great progress that South Korea having a female president.
Therefore, there is a doubt on the absence of a female president in the United States so far. There is no suitable time or condition to being a president but the position of president has been considered as a male’s area. This is because many people think that the male is more suitable for the president or…

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