Women Of The World 's Evils

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This long winded sentence further elaborates Ellis argument. Men are further corrupted by the other men he encounters because he is born with this unavoidable corruption and sin within him. He can try all he wants to have good integrity, but he will always fall short because men are set to be immoral and fraudulent. This, according to her, is why women need to be so submissive to men. Women are the opposite of men, they are always morally good and have a clear, corrective character. When men are ensnares of the world’s evils, women are what saves and keep men virtuous. Men just simply need to remember a women’s good character to help them stay ethical and wholesome. These late 19th, early 20th century beliefs on the differences of men…show more content…
Katniss lives in district 12, the poorest district that provides coal. Every year, each district has to provide one boy and one girl from the ages of 12 to 18 to fight in a battle to the death called the hunger games. This comes as a punishment for a rebellion that end 74 year prior. This year Katniss’s little sister selected, but Katniss volunteers to take her place. The boy that is selected is Peeta Mellark. The two are sent to the capital to train. After a week, they are sent to the arena. Thanks to Katniss’s hunting and survival skills and some rule bending, both Katniss and Peeta are crowned the victors of the game.
From the very begging, it is clear that Katniss does not fit in the gender roles set up in the 19th century England. The most obvious example of this is her role in the family. After her father died, Katniss took the role as the provider and head of the house not even touching Ellis’s “domestic sphere” (1527) that is so important for a woman according to her. Katniss was able to do this at the age of 11 thanks to her resourcefulness and hunting skills, just the thought of this would have made Ellis faint. In general, Katniss takes on more male gender roles. She is not dainty or ladylike. In fact, she is the opposite, she is strong, bruiting, and not very nurturing. Peeta even called her a “lethal person” (Collins 258) in the arena. She does not care about looks or what other people think about her until it is crucial to
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