Women Pharaohs In Ancient Egypt

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With the most recent election, the focus has been on the possibility of the first woman president of the United States of America. It is easy to forget or dismiss the impact that women have had in history. From strong rulers to great thinkers history is full of powerful and intelligent women who have defied odds and surpassed the expected roles given to them by civilization. For some history was rewritten to diminish their importance. Many facts about these great women have come to light throughout the years confirming their true role in shaping history and society as we know it.

In ancient Egypt, there were numerous female rulers. As the wonders and history of Egypt are explored the list of women Pharaohs is growing. Thousands of years later several of them are still well know. It has been argued that Hatshepsut was the most successful of them.
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Women philosophers who produced great works of art, even one who ran her father founded. One that changed traditional roles a scandalized the patriarchal society was Agnodice of Athens. She was the first female doctor in ancient Greece. Before Agnodice women were not allowed to practice medicine. She attended medical school by disguising herself as a man. When she began practicing her reputation was so revered other doctors in the are accused her of seducing her patients. During the trial, she had no choice but to reveal herself as a woman. The medical community was outraged, but due to her ability she was acquitted and Athenian laws were changed. There are many who think that this story is a legend. However many historians are starting to disagree on whether or not there were women in medicine during ancient Greek times. Extensive study of ancient greek documents show women given the title of doctor, not midwife. (!!!!!!).
If you asked the average person on the street about a famous Greek you would hear the name Helen of
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