Women Play A Special Role

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I believe that “women play a special role in religious life”. Firstly, the dictionary definition of a ‘role’ is ‘the function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation’. So a ‘special role’ in the context of the question is an important part played by women in religious life. This is very true in relation to Christianity and Judaism. In Christianity I will look at important women saints in the religion and the leadership roles that women can play in the church. In Judaism I will look at the importance of women in the faith and the special roles they play in the home and the synagogue and Rosh Chodesh. Important figures like saints ‘play a special role in religious life’ because they often give an image of what people should and should not do and give a guideline on how to be like them in Christianity. A very important woman in Christianity is Mary. She is the mother of Christ and she is unique as she was chosen by God to look after Jesus because she was free of original sin (the tendency to evil supposedly innate in all human beings, held to be inherited from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, online definition). Mary can be called ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Virgin Mary’ and ‘The Blessed Virgin Mary’ which shows her reverence in Christianity. This has made Mary a role-model for many Christians as they aspire to live without sin and please God as she did. Another key woman in Christianity is Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene is mentioned in the
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