Women Poverty in Canada

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Assignment #2- Reviewing Parents Magazine
Casandra Clark
Practice Across People and Cultures
Donna Gordon
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magazine Analysis: In the 21st Century there are many ways of marketing, promoting an idea, opinion, or product. Commercials, events, workshops, and the internet are ways that information can be obtained by consumers, and it also gives people opportunities to be enlightened or object to other person’s views or ideas. In addition, magazines are a useful tool for an individual to gain insight on different topics from one product and explore opinions from many reliable individuals. This essay will explore three magazines all from the same publisher; Parents Magazine. The target audience
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There are many inexpensive ways a family can have fun at home. For instance Parents shows an easy Halloween night with recipes crafts and games the whole family can take part in ( October 2011 p.148). Many different craft ideas were a common theme found in all of the magazines. What is exceptionally great about all of the craft ideas is that they promote inexpensive crafts with a lot of supplies that you can find around the house. In addition, they have education and fun all wrapped around it, Parents magazine show off their trademark, healthy kids, happy families (Parents Magazine, p.1 June 2011). These messages are helpful from young to old. Encouraging bonding and finding simple things that suit and family. This is important for a client who is in poverty and would like to find ways to have fun with her children. In contrast to this magazine portraying to promote healthy kids and happy families (Parents Magazine, pg. 1. June 2011). There are contradicting messages found in all three magazines used for the purpose of this essay. For example, in one magazine there are tips and advice on how to apply and which make-up products to buy to create the beautiful look the model was showing in the picture (October, p. 94). This message could be portrayed to young women that make-up is something needed to create beauty, Mothers always want their daughter to wait as long as possible before using these products to take away

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