Women Roles in "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin and "Eveline" by James Joyce

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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and Eveline by James Joyce are the two short stories that will be analyzed using feminist criticism in this essay. Both short stories share a lot in common about what the role of women’s was perceived within the time they were written.
In the story The Story of an Hour Mrs. Louise Mallard was told that her husband’s had died from a tragic accident in a railroad and when she finally became at peace with her husband’s death he showed up and their door. She ended up the one who died at the end of the story. There are a few things in this story that can be interpreted from a feminist point of view. The first is she was introduced to the readers as Mrs. Mallard. The only time throughout the story that her
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Joyce wrote “her promise to keep the home together as long as she could,” meaning that it was a struggle for her to keep her promises to her mom. Taking care of her home is a way in which Eveline was oppressed. Around the time the story took place there was a lack of women’s liberation. Women could not really do what they want when they want to, even if it means giving up on their happiness. Not only did Eveline have to keep the house together, she also had to take care of two young children. Joyce wrote “She had hard work to keep the house together and to see that the two young children who had been left to her charge went to school regularly and got their meals regularly.” Eveline was doing everything a wife’s job was around the time the story took place but she did not have a husband and younger children were not hers. She did not have no help from her father because in his mind all that she was doing was a women’s job and all he had to do is provide the money to help take care of the house.
Another example of feminist in Joyce story is the way Eveline was being treated by her father. He had a harsh temper especially when it came to her. He treated her with disrespect because she was a woman. He would not allow her to talk to the guy she loves. Her father would also abuse her by the words he would use. He would express that Eveline was using his money to do other things other than taking care of the house and her responsibility as the woman in

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