Women Should Be A Breastfeeding Essay

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In today 's society it is a big debate as to whether women should invest in breastfeeding or not. Some researchers say bottle feeding is the way to go for convenience and time. They also say it does not have as many negative effects on an infant as some think. Some researchers disagree and think it is essential that infants are getting human milk for at least the first six months of life. It comes down ultimately to the woman 's choice. However, women should invest in breastfeeding because there are positive short and long-term effects for the baby, as well as maternal benefits.
So what are some of the short-term effects associated with breastfeeding an infant? Well, there are many. Breastfed infants are known to have fewer cases of ear infections, gastrointestinal infections, urinary infections, and more. Infant mortality rates have also been seen to significantly decrease when infants are breastfed. In the article, "A New Look at Care in Pregnancy: Simple, Effective Interventions for Neglected Populations" Hodgins et al. (2016) claimed, "They calculated that neonates not exclusively breastfed have almost 4 times higher risk of infection-related mortality than exclusively breastfed neonates (pooled OR 3.81, 95%CI: 2.19-6.64)" (p.1). This could be because they are getting all of the essential nutrients from the mother’s breast milk, whereas formula feeding does not contain all of the essential nutrients. It is important that infants get these essential nutrients in their
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