Women Should Be Treated With The Same Equal Rights

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Man want to be treated with the same respect women are treated. In Sommers’ writing she states that women are smarter than man because they have better grades than man. Guys have a higher chance of dropping out than woman. Also in Barnet and River’s writing they state that man are never going to be as smart as women because researcher have found that throughout the years. Women’s have a higher percentage chance to finish high school and go to college than man do. With these two writings I believe that woman and man should be treated the same. Man also want equal rights as woman to not be judged. When a man assaults a woman they go to jail but when a women does it to a man it is okay.
Man want to be treated equally as they want a law to also protect them when they are being discriminated for their sexuality preference. I have a girl cousin that is interested in females than males. She has a different way of seeing things than what is expected from. She cuts her hair short because she thinks long hair a bother to maintain. She likes shopping in the man’s section in store because the clothes feels more comfortable she doesn’t like to feel tight. She has been confused for a man because of her appearance. She is a tough girl she doesn’t let herself to be humiliated. Woman that like woman are accepted because is something a bit more normal to most people. If a man likes man they are more judge by most people because they tend to save their preferences into their own intimacy.…
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