Women Should Lean in. Research Paper

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Lucinda Borque
Research Paper
Knowledge and Power
Women and their Plan
Girls, Ladies, and Women, we need to stand up and control our future. It’s appears that we have been doing, so for the past decade, but are we really controlling our lives with our own beliefs? Everyday women of all ages are being influenced by media and influenced by society. It’s always good to see the world and understand different views. Although, how can we understand different views, if many of us do not even understand ourselves? To understand ourselves, means that we have to understand what was, what is, and what could be .We need to ask questions to our inter person like what were that girl’s dreams? What is that lady’s reality and what
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She sacrificed her job and life for what she believed was love. She had a dream to love before she loved herself first. She believed in the picture that was not fully painted. She dreamt too much of the future painting. In the article Confident women it gives one the cord reason why women settle for less than what they really should. The article states;
“The sisters are doing some of it to themselves. For a variety of reasons, they're not aiming high enough. They're underestimating their abilities. They're doing too much housework and child care. They're compromising their career goals for partners and children -- even when such partners and children do not yet exist”.
In this quote Luscombe explains how the CEO, Sheryl of Facebook defines the current issue of women in society. This compares to the interviewee because she lets go of everything for a partner. Women need to put themselves first. The advice the interviewee needed was to understand yourself first and love yourself first. This is one of the important concepts that show what dreams that girl had. She was lost within herself because she compromises her dreams and career goals for a relationship or a family that is simply not there. In the article “Why I want women to lean in” states similar idea to the previous article because one is based on one another. The ideal that woman have barriers in society. Not only, that but also the ones culture
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