Women Should Not Be Allowed For Military Combat

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Many people believe that women should not be allowed to serve in military combat. This is ridiculous, as many women have achieved great military success throughout history. At first, women mainly served as nurses and sometimes as spies, as in the cases of Harriet Tubman and Mary Ludwig Hays. “Mary went to a nearby stream and repeatedly carried containers of water to the soldiers...she also carried wounded men to safety and took over firing her husband’s gun when he became wounded” (Worth 16). Tubman went to South Carolina in 1862 to provide nursing care for black soldiers and newly freed slaves. “Working with General David Hunter, Tubman also began spying and scouting missions behind Confederate lines. In June of 1863, she accompanied Colonel James Montgomery in an assault on several plantations along the Combahee River, rescuing more than 700 slaves” (Civil War Trust). Women have also served as soldiers, even before it was legal. In 1782, Deborah Samson Gannet enlisted under the name of her deceased brother. She served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War for 17 months (Infoplease). There have also been women who have successfully led armies into combat. For example, the French luminary, Joan of Arc. “At the age of thirteen, Joan began hearing voices from God, commanding her to go to the assistance of the son of Charles VI, the king of France who had recently died.” (Worth 12). Joan had to lead an army to resist British intrusion on French territory. “Joan
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