Women Should Not Be Integrated As Equals In Sports

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Since the beginning, the fight between what gender is superior has broken throughout all the history. The problem has always been the way society/parents teaches their kids to act in certain ways towards others, creating a partial version of male chauvinism, either in work, at school, a public place, even at sports. As said in “Male chauvinism is an attitude that causes men to talk about women and behave toward them in a certain way, mostly like inferiors to them”. This can be seen from multiple perspectives since in some ways almost everyone has thought at least once that girls are incapable of doing the same activities that require the physical strength that a boy can develop and be capable of doing, such as competing against each other in sports. The focus in this case will be on the reasons for which the girls should or should not be integrated as equals in sports with men.…show more content…
As said in blog.practiceathletics.ox “It is certainly true that women on average have less physical strength that men and that a mutual competition would lead to very few women having a chance to win in disciples such as Weightlifting. It is fair to create equal opportunities in sports rather than to aim for equal performance” Oxacuk (2013). Basically what the author explains is that women will not be able to perform at the same level that a man could perform in a sport that requires physical mastery because women do not have the same physique but there should be more opportunities for women to participate in more
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