Women Should Stay At Home

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In today’s world, we are surrounded by billboards, tv commercials, magazines and newspaper ads. We are always kept up to date with the newest fashions and technology, but what we seem to forget is that we are also surrounded by advertisements promoting or demoting movements such as, abortion, or gay rights. Two extremely memorable advertisements are ones that promote the anti-sexism movement. As a woman and a feminist, these ads really caught my attention and urged me to learn more. Both men and women have endured many conflicts due to sexism; movements such as the UN Women and the #EndAllSexism are some of the proof that people are still fighting and that sexism still exists in today’s society. In the UN Women ad, there is a black haired, white female’s face with the google search engine covering her mouth. Typed in the search engine are two words, “women should”, correspondingly under are four suggestions for searches: “women should stay at home”, “women should be slaves”, “women should be in the kitchen”, and “women should not speak in church”. This is where ethos came into play; do I really believe these suggestions popped up on the search engine? So I tested the experiment on Bing’s search engine and after typing “women should”, the first two suggestions that popped up were: “women should learn in silence” and “women should make husband number one priority”. The fact that those phrases popped up on these search engine shows how society dehumanizes women. These terms
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