Women Struggle Facing Equality : Women 's Health, Economics, And Education

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In patriarchal societies, women struggle facing equality to men. The gender gap in politics is growing and effecting women’s health, economics, and education. It is ridiculous to believe in 2015 the government is still debating whether or not women should have access to birth control. Women and single mothers make up a huge percentage for low income earners. Having to go to work, and provide for their children, if either the women or children get sick, they have hardly enough money to support having basic health and child care. Women are trying to fight against these patriarchal societies but has a whole, we are all brainwashed. It’s important to understand the struggle of women but to also recognize how far we have come and how to continue this progress. Women are progressing to change the view of society and take a stand in politics.
The socialized norm that citizens of a diverse society has fallen accustomed to and believes the best representative for a leader is a white male. Growing up with this exposure women were influenced into having a lack of confidence, ambition causing women to underestimate their own abilities. They choose not to go against the norms of cultural confrontation, because they’ve unconsciously been socialized to assume responsibility for their families. These factors are influencing women less and less in the last century, on the contrary women in society are fighting for their voices to be heard as political powers. Women perform just as well as…
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