Women Throughout History

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Due to the preconception that women are supposed to be submissive, society continues to prevent them from being dominant in the workplace. Traditionally women are supposed to be housewives and nurture their children, overtime these views have changed. In todays society not only are women able to be mothers but they can also work outside of their homes. Women, who are considered single mothers, do every job whether at home or at the workplace. Men see women as inferior because until the about the twentieth century women began to gain just a tad bit of independence. This ties into gender roles, there has been many studies on how children are brought up, when a girl is little, parents give them a doll to nurture it; which means society outs…show more content…
Two working parent’s are good examples to set for children, although some women do have to do all these things on their own, with out the other parent; the father. In today’s society the ideal American family is a mother, a father, and two kids, unfortunately it is not the same for all Americans. Single mothers have had to achieve everything they have on their own. There are many cases where the father abandons the mother when pregnant, or simply leaves their children and wives behind. The women must shift their time and investment between paid and family work so that the family life is sustained.[vi] Single mothers have many responsibilities managing a household on their own. This is a very difficult task because they not only have to fulfill their needs and their children’s needs as well. These women are capable of playing the role of both the father and the mother.[vii] These women achieve being able to go to their jobs, paying for a babysitter to pick up their kids, then get home feed the child and go to bed. They are strong enough to do this everyday with out a complaint. Women do not only want but need to be in the work place. Married or single women both enjoy working and being able to do something productive for themselves. Most employed women regardless of education, cite their jobs rather than their home and family obligations as the main source of their feelings of usefulness and
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