Women Vs American Women

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I had mixed notions about what it means to be a woman as I was growing up, and I trace a part of this conflict back to my heritage. My parents are both Chinese immigrants, but I was born and raised in America, so I identify with both cultures. The cultural differences between America and China about what qualities woman should or should not have was interesting to explore, especially as I was entering college. In my parents’ eyes, being a woman meant that I had to eventually settle down and raise children, essentially have my own nuclear family. I began challenging that notion, suggesting the possibility that I would never get married and never have children. I do not believe that just because I am woman that I had to start my own family or get married. That is not to say I am opposed to those life events happening, but I wanted to at least know that those were not my only options, especially if I am pursuing a career after attending college.…show more content…
My parents never told me specifically what I can or cannot do, but it seems like their comments regarding this topic are somewhat unconscious or automatic. Sometimes there would be a woman authoritative figure speaking in front of a crowed for a political broadcast. They would comment about how she lacks charisma, and is too soft spoken for a political career. “This is why men should do this instead,” they would say. Again, I challenge this from time to time. I feel like I have constructed some part of my identity from trying to challenge these notions, even if it was just within the realm of my
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