Women Wear Makeup And Cosmetic Products

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Women use makeup and cosmetic products to change their appearance. They apply makeup to make themselves look prettier, younger, or to cover up imperfections. Some women choose not to wear make makeup but a study in the newsletter Marketing to Women: Addressing Women and Women 's Sensibilities found that “seven in ten women wear makeup in America” (6). It is so common for women to wear makeup every day, even if it is just a stroke of eyeliner or a splash of eye shadow. American society stresses the idea that makeup makes a woman more beautiful, and a woman who does wear makeup is not beautiful. This idea is emphasized at a young age, and continuously throughout a woman’s life. Makeup is valued by so many women, this shows how American hold…show more content…
Some jobs require and ask their female employees to wear makeup, because it’s a part of their uniform. For example, women working at casinos in Las Vegas are told and enforced to “tease their hair” and apply red lipstick (Rhode 12). By wearing makeup and teasing their hair these women are trying to get more clients at their casino game tables. These female employees follow the rules that their job requires, but these rules are sexualizing and objectifying women. The women are becoming the selling point, not the casino games themselves. This job as a well many other jobs create an environment that women are used to please others and serve as a piece of eye candy. Similarly, as women try to attract the attention of others by wearing makeup at a job, women also use makeup to attract partners. They believe if they look a certain way that will attract their potential partners. Most women also believe they have to be feminine and feel pressure to look a certain way that is appealing to men or someone they are interested in. Deborah Rhode discusses in her book The Beauty Bias that “the women who strives to achieve an aesthetic ideal does so not for self-actualization or accomplishment but for masculine approval” (75). Women are not supposed to please men. They are supposed to feel beautiful without the approval of a man. Women might wear makeup to feel more appealing to

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