Women and Devolpment in Northern Africa Essay

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Women and Development in Northern Africa Gender inequality is a massive problem for women and girls and development has begun to take place to over come this injustice to the female population in North Africa and the Middle East. Gender inequality has become an important and visible issue for economies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). I have researched on how women of North Africa are deprived from many opportunities as well as being under educated. The female population has suffered immensely in Africa. Presently, women of Africa, like many women in third world countries have not been included as equal and effective stakeholders in processes that determine their lives. Women of Africa continue to have less access to…show more content…
“This hampers Africa’s development by excluding the perspectives, skills and dynamism of half the population” (Takyiwaa Manuh). Females are deprived from education because they are not expected to make an economic contribution to their families. Studies have found that when girls are educated they have economic opportunities. Their families have more of a stake in their survival and success. Widening access to education for females are critical to economic growth and social development. With access to education and the work force, women and girls are marrying later and are able to take part in household decisions. Women in the Middle East and North Africa are securing additional rights. Women development is growing in the region. Restricting the participation of women in public and economic life limits economic development and national potential. Empowering women and providing opportunities for their full integration into all aspects of society is not just an issue of justice for women but also a vital factor in creating a climate positive to achieving sustainable progress and development. The development of the female population empowers them to work harder and build stronger families, a richer community, and take pride in their progress. Encouragement improves development on all levels for women, which in turn causes regional growth and progress and closing the development gap. As I reflect on the wealth of information from the

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