Women and Family Planning

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The proper place of a woman was a prime subject throughout the nineteenth century. In previous centuries women were known as housewives; they were to remain home to cook, clean, and reproduce. Woman had to justify their relationship to their natural environment and the medical field seemed to be just that. Ladies who took on this new line of work argued that they were extending their expected roles as mothers and sisters. Nursing and other medical occupations became easy to defend. Despite all odds, woman began contributing to the medical field in the twentieth century by advancing in family planning, science, and nursing. The field of medicine offered an unusual change to women beyond what society knew. Women were always and forever will be a specialist in family planning for they are by nature the only sex capable of childbearing. In later centuries children were birthed to assist in farming, fielding, etc., but as the world began to develop , so did the family. No longer were children needed for the listed specifications. The economy became an adjustment and population was increasing abnormally. Margret Sanger (1879-1966) devoted her life to legalizing methods of birth control for woman and opened the first birth control clinic in 1916.She once said that “No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body”. Due to Sanger’s efforts and dedication the private use of contraceptives was ruled a constitution right in 1965 by the Supreme Court. Her achievement now
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