Women and Marriage

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Women & Marriage
The Causes & Effects Women are confusing, complicated, and they can stress you out sometimes. On the other hand, they can make your entire day better whether it is a smile, hug, or just to give you extra support in life. That brings up the topic of marriage and for what reasons women ever think of getting married. The word marriage can be misinterpreted, and thought about very differently depending on your culture. Marriage in the eyes of most Americans is to represent a legal way of which to express how much you love and care for your partner. Most Americans never realize that marriage in other cultures can be put in to play for much different reasons. One other form of marriage is called marriage of
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Also, in that matter if the husband wanted sex he could force his wife to have sex with no consequences for his inhumane actions. For this matter, in the past the men had full control and power over his wife in ways that if those actions were performed in the present times the husband would not only be ridiculed but punished several times for his ridiculous mindset. Women in time became more powerful and started to declare their independence from the current mindset of American men that tried to degrade women. Men always thought they were superior to women, but they never could have imagined that women would stand up demanding the same fairness as men throughout the entire United States. Women were not even able to vote or even make any decisions in life in the recent past. Men had all the power to make not only his own decisions but also make his wife’s’ decisions. During World War 1 when the men were fighting over seas the women took it upon themselves to go work in the factories to prove how much independence they really had. At that time women started to realize how great life could be making decisions and having dignity. After that period of time women started forcing America to change for the better and women started gaining extensive amounts of respect. Over time women started wanting equal rights throughout the United States so in time women started gaining rights including voting, working, and even having the right
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