Women and Marriage in Tamil Families Canada

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Most Tamils in Canada are letting their daughters to take jobs which will allow them for obtaining favorable marriage alliances and better future. Almost all the children live with their parents until they get married. I have encountered some instances where my friends from different cultures make fun of this as Tamil children have no freedom and they must be entirely dependent upon their parents. I do not believe in what they say. I simply reply that Tamil families are very close and the parents want to help their kids even after they get married. Most of the times, grand parents take care of their grandchildren when their children go to work. If the children have no freedom to move out of the house, why do they buy a house near their parents’ house even after their marriage? As the author, Lila Abu-Lughod says about saving Muslim women, we cannot stay outside and say Tamil children have no freedom even in Canada. What they refer to as freedom may not be the same for others. Since the way of living and lifestyle that other cultures have are totally different. Rather we have to see their family structure and their family ideology. Even if the parents tell their children to move out, great amount of children will not want to move out of their parents’ house. Tamils have a tradition of cross-cousin marriages, which they believe strengthening the family. The belief of caste also tends to strengthen family ideology. Marriage is arranged by the families of the couple. Tamil

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