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Women and War Trying to hold the homefront together while there was a war waging abroad was not an easy task for women during World War I and II. Women were not only asked to complete the daily chores that were normally expected of them, but they were asked to go to work. Suddenly their very private lives were turned into a very public and patriotic cause. Traditionally the woman's place was thought to be in the home. She was responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and looking her best. So when war broke out it was clear that America would not be able to win either of the World War's without the help of their women, the "traditional" housewife and mother turned into wartime worker. This is the…show more content…
In some respect one could call it a sense of nationalism, much like what the American women had during both the World War's. The Nazi women, unlike the American women, went through three phases as Hitler was coming to power. The first, "women struggled shoulder to shoulder with their male comrades." And After Hitler gained control he "ordered employed women to relinquish their jobs and dedicate there full energies to rearing large families." The third phase was when they were preparing for a war and Hitler sent the women back out to work. But throughout each of these stages the women were considered unimportant by the Nazi men, yet crucial if they should succeed. (Koonz 97) American women were crucial to the success for the World War's, and they were never considered unimportant. In fact, they were considered so important that after the first World War they were granted suffrage as a reward for all their hard work and support during the war. After World War I when they received their equal rights women began cutting their hair short. The new fashion trend was both a trend and a political statement. It was a blurring of the gender lines showing that both men and women could be considered the same and equal. Some critics found "two aspects of the new styles particularly offensive: first, their ability to blur

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