Women and Welfare Essay

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The Struggle of Women on Welfare

Women in today’s society face many adversities. In this essay I will discuss fact versus stereotypical perceptions about the various social and economic problems women must face everyday. I grew up on the Upper East Side in Manhattan mostly comprised of wealthy, socialite families. I attended The Convent of Sacred Heart, also one of the top, private, all girl schools in Manhattan. The majority of the students come from very privileged families and are, more often than not, very spoiled and naïve to the world around them. While I was attending High School, I found it very hard to make friends with some of the students that went to Sacred Heart. I hated the way “rich kids”
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She got pregnant at the age of 17 and married her high school boyfriend. She went on and on about how difficult it was for her to live anywhere else but there. She said once you are born in the South Bronx there is barely a chance you will ever leave. She did not get a job because she had to stay home with her children. Her and her husband did not have enough money to get someone to watch over her children and even if she did she would not trust them. She said they lived off the very small paycheck her husband was bringing home and the city was giving her food stamps. Her husband was in a gang and came home very late; most of the time stumbling through the door to their tiny apartment. He was heavily involved in dealing and using drugs and if when she questioned him and pleaded with him to stop, he hit her. She was battered for almost 3 years until she realized her children were in jeopardy. One day, when her husband was out, she packed her things and went to the Aegis Battered Women's Program located in the Bronx. She’s been there for almost a year now. She described her decision as the smartest and scariest thing she’d ever done for herself and her kids but everyday she fears her husband will find her. Women like this, amaze me. I’ve read many books and seen many movies about women who are too scared to leave their husbands. Even though they are being battered, they stay because they convince themselves that their man truly loves them.
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