Women and the Holocaust Essay example

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Women and the Holocaust

     The Jewish female is like the ovule of a flower, it spreads its seeds to create future generations. It is known that the true root of a Jewish person lies in the hands of his/her mother. As it was once said by Golda Meir, “To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.â€? (Golda Meir Quotes par. 1). And in fact it is true, that women had to be better than man to survive the holocaust, but not only to survive the holocaust but to live on to tell the stories, and to spread Judaism. Although every Jewish person was equally a victim in the genocide of the holocaust, the Jewish women were one of the main targets. This is because the Jewish women were connected to
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(Women & the Holocaust – Personal Reflections par. 5). “In one case a 17 year old girl took her dirtied rag that she used to cover her head and placed it in between her legs so when the S.S. guard attempted to rape her he would see that she is menstruating� (Women & the Holocaust par.7) The women would do anything they could to protect their innocence and their life.

     The best chance for survival was escaping through the forest. But many Jewish men and women would hide with other non-Jewish families to hide from the Nazis. In one case a German entrepreneur by the name of Oskar Schindler recruited a list of Jewish investors, business men and labor workers to run his company. He saved more than 1000 Jewish men and women from death. It was harder for women to survive than men because the strength difference and ability to do hard labor. Although women do endure a lot of pain, example: giving birth, they still lacked the male character traits of being strong and muscular. Many great women harnessed power and came forth to change the world with their experience and knowledge of racial hatred. If it was not for the women of the holocaust, the Jewish people would not have a safe haven to visit, and live, for Israel was their path and their destiny.

     After the war was over many Jewish women fled Europe to start new lives in
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