Women and the Military

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Women and the Military Statistics show that the U.S. armed forces currently employ over 229,000 women in its various branches (Donnelly 8). This figure had been increasing exponentially for over 30 years. It 's no surprise to men that women are becoming an important factor in the U.S. military and now occupy every position expect those on the front lines. With the infiltration of women in the services in 1972, great controversy has arisen and has become a highly argued issue (Donnelly 8). I believe that women should not only be permitted to be employed in the military, but also should be able to fight on the front lines of combat. For centuries women have been under great scrutiny due to their physical ability,…show more content…
Another excuse from those against women in combat deals with menstruation. We all know women menstruate once a month. It is an inconvenience at most, but will not hinder the ability to perform as a soldier. There are some cases in which cramps and bleeding can be cause to skip class or work and those instances would be dealt with case by case. Most women, however, can take painkillers to be relieved from symptoms. Obviously, these women would need to have the means to change feminine products every 6 to 8 hours, but that can be done. I think many military men blow this way out of proportion. They forget men also need to be hygienic in these circumstances. An uncircumcised man must keep himself clean or risk infection. Is he then to be taken out of the battle field because of his foreskin (Davis 9)? The last excuse the military uses is that men will not be combat effective if they see women dying in battle. Seeing anyone die can be traumatic. Seeing an aftermath of a bombing in which innocent men, women and children are killed is traumatic (Davis 10). War itself is traumatic, and I doubt the assumptions that seeing women die will be too much for a man to go on. Donnelly states "Life is life, whether it is a man 's or a woman 's". It is a shame when it ends, but again, the military has no proof of this concept because they do not test it. Without experimenting, the military will never know. Minorities were given

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