Essay on Women and the Workforce

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Women and the Workforce

From the days of Suffragettes to the ERA amendment of the late 1970's, women
have fought for equal rights in a male dominated world. During every war, from ancient
times to modern, women took over the traditional male working rolls to keep the
economy going as men fought on the battle front. After every war women were pushed
back into the home and made to return to rolls of housewife and mother. This battle of
the female to be seen and appreciated as more than just a baby making machine and
house servant, has gone on for centuries, in countries around the globe. As technology
increases, the world becomes smaller, and democracy and freedom are seen as the rights
of man, women have been given more freedoms
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In the
UK women in the computer sciences accounted for a quarter of the jobs in 1980. Now
women only account for 19% of the technology jobs at a time when over 45% of women
in the UK are employed. Part of this decline is attributed to the low 12% of women in
computer science programs at universities.(9) The low numbers in the UK mirror the
numbers in the United States as well as Canada. Researchers are looking at this problem
and most have targeted the school systems as the major cause that more females don?t
enter technology fields.

Women are attending college and earn more than half of the degrees awarded yet
only 19.4 percent are in science and engineering fields which includes computers and
other high-tech fields. Only 6 percent of women are working outside the traditional
female fields in only 20 of the more than 400 job categories, while two out of three
minimum-wage earners are women This lack of women in the technical fields is strongly
related to the lack of girls in computer science and other sciences as well as math studies in junior and senior high schools(3). Only 26% of girls are in the classes relating to sciences in our junior and senior high schools. While that number is up from the 1950's number of less than 10%, the increase is more due to the population number increases and not the fact more girls are encouraged to enter the…