Women are Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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Corporate management is an area where females did not have any opportunities in older generations unless they started as an entrepreneur and created a position for themselves. The fact that these positions are now available to women, and the parity within occupations as a whole has expanded, has provided ample opportunity for the wage gap to close. The women's rights movement in the 1980's likely attributed to an enhanced awareness of gender equality in the workplace, opening up opportunities for women to enter what had been predominantly male occupations, such as executive management. However, the gap has remained stagnant for two decades (Blau & Kahn, 2000). With education actually favoring women in today's society, the most defining explanation for the pay gap is gender discrimination. Employees are discouraged from sharing what their salaries are with one another to prevent any backlash from the Equal Pay Act. Because of the pay gap, women are spending more of their paychecks paying off student loans which only elongates their financial inequality. “More than half of full-time working women graduates, 53%, were paying a greater percentage of their earnings toward student loan debt than a typical worker could reasonably afford to pay, the AAUW study found. That's compared with 39% of men (Dugas, 2012). An alternative explanation to discrimination for this gap is that women are…
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