Women are Different from Men

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Lately, society has been going through a push to put females on the same platform as men. While females are distinctly different from men, the world has been trying to make them the same as men. Women are not the same. While they are equally important, they are different. Females fill as important a role as men. The female gender cannot exist without men, and men cannot exist without their counterparts. Women are being pushed to fill a roll which they are not designed to fill, since both genders have equally important roles in the whole world. In Deborah Tannen’s “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently,” and Shari L. Dworkin and Michael A. Messner’s “Just Do… What? Sports, Bodies, Gender,” both pieces show that men and women are different, yet can do the same things. However, since both men and women were created for specific purposes which the other gender cannot fill effectively, but still can fill, we are losing a crucial part of the society. The two different genders complement each other, making the world a better world for us all.
“The AIAW [Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women] attempted to defend the idea that women’s sports should be controlled by women, and should reflect the values of health, cooperation, and participation, rather than the values of cutthroat competition and star systems dominated men’s sports” (Dworkin 740). What the Dworkin and Messner are saying is that men differ from women in the way that they compete. Women are
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