Women in Baseball

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Baseball, some would argue, is America’s favorite past time. Many can recall their experiences as they enjoyed the game as a child and then continue to share it with their children. The sport has brought us many great moments such as when Jackie Robinson broke racial barriers as the first African American to play in the major leagues. When one thinks of professional baseball, many times, names of greats such as Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Willie Mays come to mind. What many fans over look about America’s favorite past time is the period when fewer men were available to continue their participation in the sport, as many were drafted to serve in World War II. Not wanting the game to come to an end, the league brought in women hoping the spirit of the game would continue to thrive. Even though these female leagues were formed, the sport was not truly the same as the women athletes were held to different standards and not given the same opportunity as the men who had played the game. In today’s society most people view softball as the female equivalent to baseball but is it really? Due to social norms it is widely accepted as true. Girls who may have started off by playing baseball with their local neighborhood friends usually have become fully adapted and successful in a softball career by high school. Because of social conditioning most parents and children do not realize that it is acceptable for girls to play on boys baseball teams if there is not an all girls baseball team

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