Women in Business Essay

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The business world today is competitive. It's full of fierce, educated, and motivated people. For some people it's tough to rise to the top and for some people it comes much easier. It's not always about hard work! One might ask for a map to the yellow brick road, but few people are ever provided with it. Most people are stuck in an ocean making calculated guesses as to how they can reach land. Which route is the best? How much school is enough? How many certificates of accreditation is enough? How much work experience is enough? All of us ask these questions attempting to navigate our ships in a competitive world were only a few individuals ever get to their targeted career position. How many of those in leadership positions are women?…show more content…
They're looking for direction from their top leadership. When we speak of top management the first thing that comes to mind is the CEO. If you had to quickly name three CEO's off the top of your head who would they be? I'm sure many of you would have said Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Michael Dell. There is an un-shocking statistic that the vast majority of people who hold top management positions are men.
Even for the average Joe it would be difficult to become a CEO of a billion dollar company. There are many more weeds women need to cut through to reach the top of their respective fields. The list of challenges that women face are exponential. The following are what many would believe to be the top three challenges. Women have faced discrimination towards their gender, their ability to be assertive, and some people say women don't have the ability to take their employees to the next level.
Being discriminated against for being a woman is the most obvious challenge. If you think about the history of our country; it has only been about 90 years since women got the right to vote in 1920. In light of the election that just past I'm sure some of us still take those rights for granted. It has been an uphill battle for women seeking equal treatment to men in the work place. Yet there is still gender discrimination apparent in today's workforce.
The people in the United States as well as many other countries
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