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“In a perfect world, every U.S. soldier would be an asexual brute with a stunningly high IQ who doesn't eat much, is adept at following orders and leery of challenging authority” (Thompson). As far as humankind is concerned, there have never been any soldiers like that anywhere in the world, let alone the United States military. Therefore, the standards for enlisting in military combat positions are as high as possible to ensure that we can create soldiers that are effective as these “perfect-world” soldiers. There are obviously men and women who are not able to meet these standards, but there are definitely also men and women who are highly capable of meeting and/or exceeding these standards. While some individuals feel that the …show more content…
The definition of “gender-neutral” has a different definition for everyone and it does not necessarily mean energy exertion. These neutral standards are carefully put together to ensure that the soldier will be successful in battle. Moreover, combat depends on the person, not the gender. If a five foot tall, ninety-five pound man wants to enlist in a combat position, he is permitted to at least try. If he is able to complete the tasks, he is allowed to fight. Then why should a six foot tall, one hundred-eighty pound woman not be able to do the same? If the woman has the ability to carry the necessary load and complete the necessary tasks, it is logical to allow her on the battlefront with the rest of the competent men. The women who are looking for combat positions are not worried about their feelings or what is politically correct. They want equal opportunities and if they qualify, they should have the chance.
Furthermore, people have to realize there is not much need to be as hefty as a man to serve as a combatant in modern warfare. For example, physical tests given to soldiers do not necessarily evaluate an individual's potential in the artillery seeing that

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