Women in Film

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There is a certain image with women in film. Women were and still highly sexualized and have a certain illusion that is consistent among them. Women often appear as an object to be looked at and acted upon. The male protagonist has a more active role within the narrative. They are seemed to be the more superior character while the women have a much more supporting role. The same is true to the 1940 comedy His Girl Friday and the 1958 thriller Vertigo. In both films, the image of the woman is important, as well as their role in the film.
The image of the woman is highly sophisticated, proper, and simple. Throughout His Girl Firday, our leading female character, Hildegard “Hildy” Johnson, played by Rosalind Russell, was struggling to keep her current persona of a woman who wants to settle down in the newspaper business. When first introduced to Hildy, she was engaged and about to marry Bruce, an insurance agent played by Ralph Bellamy. Hildy wants to settle down to a quiet life as a wife and mother in Albany, New York. This is the typical portrayal of women during that time; they were expected to marry a nice man, take care of the husband’s parents (Bruce’s mother in Hildy’s case), and have a couple of kids to take care of. The same is similar in Vertigo, where Madeleine was married to Scottie’s old college friend, Gavin.
Contrasting to His Girl Friday, Hitchcock’s Vertigo was restricted to Scottie’s awareness; a man’s awareness. This film was more visually focused on the
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