Women in Government Essay

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The Impact of Culture on Women in Government Yvonne A. Sherman ANT101 July 27, 2010

Culture is defined as customary beliefs and behaviors of a specific social group and traditions and rituals become a part of everyday living (Miller, 2007). In today’s modern world there are still customs that are passed down from one generation to the next generation. In American culture as well as Japanese culture the role of women has evolved to present day. Women play a significant role in American culture today. Women hold positions of power such as Hiliary Clinton, current Secretary of State and Nancy Poloski the current
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The usual profile is of a woman who is good looking but looking for someone she can spend the rest of her life with. It is not because she needs a man to take care of her but because she wants someone special to share life experiences with. This show usually shows the woman in a positive light. Japanese women have faced numerous changes in their society in the past 150 years (Friedman, 1992). The women of Japan have struggled with the ways of American women, admiring, imitating, fighting, and ultimately wanting to have the same rights as western women (Friedman, 1992). Since the early 1960s, women in Japan were allowed to vote in elections however they did not have equal participation in decision making in regard to Japanese legislature. There were very few women in high positions of power in government and women were treated far less than equal to men (Friedman, 1992). Currently there are no laws against a woman running for public candidacy but they are underrepresented in local and national government. Why? Centuries ago women were consider to be less equal to men and were subservient to their husbands. Women were not allowed to work based on previous beliefs and culture of women of Japan. In 1999 new law was added to Japanese legislature stating that Japan is a Gender-Equal Society and is based on respect for the human rights of women and men. The amendment set precedence and paved the way for
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