Women in Greece

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The roles and status of women in ancient Greece are hard to asses since there is very little evidence from that period written or illustrated from a women’s perspective. Most literature and art from ancient Greece comes from men, thus making it hard to evaluate exactly what it was like to live has a women in those times. Sarah Pomeroy states in Goddesses, whores, wives and salves: women in classical antiquity "the study of women in ancient literature is the study of men's views of women and cannot become anything else." . This viewpoint is supported by many scholars in as stated in Ideology and “the status of Women” in Ancient Greece by Marilyn Katz. (pg 79) Pomeroy also suggest that This indisputable fact about ancient sources -of…show more content…
Its believed that during this time women were transfer like property from there fathers family to there husbands family with no regards for the women. Basically women did not have a choice who they were going to marry, there fathers or brothers would choice a husband for them to link powerful families, or choose the male who offered the most gifts. Nausicaa’s father try to marry her off to odyssus (7.311-15) and Penelope’s father brothers urger her to marry the suitor who presented the most gifts. However Homer indicated that bother Nusicaa and Penelope would have some choices in the selection of there husbands. There were two types of marriages during this time, Patrimonial and Matrimonial. Patrimonial marriages existed when the suitor would bring his bride back to his house and territory. There children would belong to this territory and the males would become warriors for there fathers territory. Penelope and Odysseus marries was of this form, she went to live with Odysseus in there Ithaka and there son Telemachos was considered a heir to his fathers throne, he also defended this territory when his father was away at war. In order for father who decide which suitor would take their daughters hand in marriage would depend on the wedding gifts exchanged on the day of the wedding. (pg17 pombrey) Matrimonial marriages exist when a warrior would marry a princess and settle down in her father’s kingdom. The male offspring of
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